"Pollinator Media breathes a fresh breath of 'green air' through the trend setting California cultural landscape. Congratulations to Rob Ganger and his team for his smashing events."
Sebastian Copeland
Global Green Board of Directors & Acclaimed Photographer
"Rob was a masterful architect of our Blade launch party in Los Angeles. He brought a fantastic team and a deep well of resources to the table and delivered a great event. His networks are vast and varied exposing our product to a unique and diverse cross section of LA. He has great brand sensibility and really understands the magic of a well-conceived, perfectly orchestrated event."
Ashley Fontaine,
CEO, Fruition Agency
"Rob Ganger of Pollinator Media has been a great source of guidance and inspiration for the inception of evo.com. Rob's no nonsense approach to cutting to the root of an idea (or a problem) saved countless hours (and dollars) from being wasted. He's a big thinker - his ability to connect seemingly disparate ideas in a cohesive and innovative way is unique and valuable to any organization, particularly one with lofty ambitions."
Daniel Siegel
founder and CEO, EVO Media, Inc.
"Rob was instrumental in helping create the vision for Eco Gift Expo. As a member of our advisory board, we count ourselves as very fortunate to have Rob's input on both high-level and day-to-day decisions. With his heightened sense of awareness, ability to vision and advanced knowledge regarding social consciousness and environmental sustainability, Rob is indeed an asset to any organization looking to bring itself current in this new economy."
Tommy Rosen
Founder, Eco Gift Expo

“Rob Ganger is about style and substance, perfectly merged. He has more integrity, authenticity, creativity, and knowledge of the marketplace than anyone I have met in the “Conscious Consumer Marketplace”. As such, he is able to expertly advise and counsel about all facets of business, culture, trend marketing, entertainment, and news from the perspective of how to optimize the client’s bottom line needs, and the consumer’s best possible experience.”

Tracy Columbus

CEO, Columbus and Company Management

Rob is a true visionary with an uncanny ability to see beyond trends. His concepts are unique, fresh, artful and full of authenticity and integrity. If you truly wish to get your project, product or service in front of influential people and promoted into the marketplace, he’s your guy.”

David Latimer

Independent Publisher (25 years)

“As the need becomes urgent for the marketplace and our ecosystems to move towards harmony, you will find Rob Ganger at the forefront of this heroic journey. Rob’s understanding of the components, complexities and inter-relatedness of these arenas is visionary. His ability and track-record for developing creative strategies and solutions is matched by his innately excellent sense and practice of collaboration and partnership development. In an arena where cross-sector creativity is of the essence, Rob leads the field with his ability to blend art, social action and the triple-bottom line approach to sound business that we are all seeking to emulate. Any initiative, project or endeavor would be fortunate to have Rob Ganger on their team.”

Lora O'Connor

Producer/Strategist, Social Entrepeneur

“Wow! You did it. Your EcoNouveau event during LA Fashion Week was a huge success. I am so happy that I was able to be there. As you know, I was one of the organizers of the first Earth Day and have been involved in Greening over 350 large and socially responsible companies since then. All of us in the Green movement have been making positive change but largely by preaching to the choir. Rob, you did what we have not been able to do for over 38 years – reach across the lines and make Green cool. It made ‘Being Green’ not like taking castor oil, but something you could do every day and enjoy it–AND in the end, that is the true definition of sustainability. While we have been able to reach the small percentage of the population that is willing to buy Green products and services even if they cost more and are less user friendly, your event broke through and showed how sustainability can be elegant, beautiful and fun.”

David Mager

Investment Banker, Sustainability and Technical Analyst, Meadowbrooklane Capital
"I've known Rob Ganger in a personal and professional capacity for about 13 years. Rob is a rare and unique individual who brings business, organizational and cultural savvy to all his projects and endeavors from sports and event marketing to brand development to consulting. I would recommend him highly as either a long-term business partner/agency or for short-term projects/consulting."
"I met Rob at a Green Business Network event in LA that he co-founded. Shortly after, he hired me and my firm 86 the onions to help brand and launch a new ambitious venture called evo.com. Rob was the calm in the storm. Not only does he have an eye for great ideas, he has the ability to put together a productive team and put it into action."
"As Rob refers to Andy Warhol saying, 'good business is the best art.'... Rob Ganger and Pollinator Media continue to help companies drive revenue and acquire new customers by planting super seeds of ethical and sustainable best practices throughout an organization or business strategy. My work with Rob always showed results, and more importantly, showed how we can succeed in business with our conscience intact."
“Rob Ganger, has an amazing ability to penetrate corporate America at the highest levels. Rob has taken Rolling Razor to the next frontier by guiding us to showing us how to make products more emotional and to turn them into something social to create a sense of shared ownership and participation among customers themselves. He has guided us to reach out to the highly coveted “millennials” and launch powerfully into the marketplace. He showed us how to position ourselves to be a brand leader. I would highly recommend Rob Ganger as a consultant to any company or project looking to bring their product, service etc. into a fiercely competitive marketplace.” David Kludjian, Co-founder/CEO, Rolling Razor, Inc.