vision, mission and goals

Pollinator can help you in setting the Mission, Vision and Goals of your project, company, or service.  This will be the blueprint to inform every decision that you make moving forward, especially when many decisions need to be made rapidly and/or opportunities quickly arise.

multi-platform branding

We will help you to define your visual communication (logo, web, collateral etc.) and name your project/company/service to best reach your audience. Pollinator focuses your project/product/service to effectively communicate and reach a larger audience and can assist in identifying your potential for multiple revenue streams.

event design & promotion

Pollinator has over 25 years of experience creating and promoting events, films and other media related projects. For Pollinator, events are visceral, tactile experiences that can be deeply resonant for your audience giving them an opportunity to see the world in a whole new way. Pollinator can help you create a cost-effective, high impact event, organize and manage an entire crew to produce the project, define a promotion and outreach strategy and measure results.

Please view the Past Events section for case studies and examples


Pollinator has helped many strong and complex visionaries, artists and entrepreneurs define and maintain their visions. Pollinator can coach you and your team to remain clear and focused to achieve your goals. Pollinator can also assist you in communication and conflict skills to build and maintain a cohesive enthusiastic, and productive team.